Selasa, 20 November 2012

My Name is Palestine

Assalamualaikum wbt :)

My name is Palestine
My name is Palestine
Heed it and be freed
From the ravages of oppression
And fear
My story is your story
My pain your pain
My dream your dream
My liberation your liberation
I have wronged none
But have been wronged
I have been beaten
I have been shot
I have been mutilated
I have been robbed
I will not be cowed

My name is Palestine
I have no fear
Fear is but a milestone I passed
Somewhere on my journey of dispossession pain misery
My name is Palestine
I will not be cowed
My children have been killed
My vineyards razed
My water stolen
And my home demolished

My name is Palestine
I will not be cowed
Strangers from foreign shores
Steal my lands
In guile and deceit
Assisted by international thieves
And global plunderers
Witnessed by a silent world
Drugged and blind
In the name of twisted ideologies
Make me a stranger in my lands
And rain death upon me

My name is Palestine
I will not be cowed
As the stars are so shall I be
As the sun sets and rises
So shall I
I shall break the chains
That are placed on my wrists
I shall remove the manacles from my legs
I shall tear loose from the dust
To which I am chained
I shall stand on my feet
Not live on my knees
I shall cry freedom till my last breath

I am Palestine
I shall not be cowed
Or enslaved
Or bought
Or sold
I am neither chattel
Nor slave

I am Palestine
I will not be cowed
I have been starved
Tortured and maimed
I have endured
I am stronger
My spirits soar
Like the eagle
My hopes like the cedars of Lebanon
Reach to the heavens
On the wind is my name written
In songs will I live
In your memories will I reside
For eternity
Death may embrace me
Beyond shall I exist
For eternities
And more
In you
In your children
In your children’s children
Immortalized in your dreams
Should I die
Whisper my name
Before you sleep
That I repose amongst the stars
That you might see me
And remember me
And speak of me
For I am Palestine
I will not be cowed

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